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11/29/2021 11:13pm

Welcome to Exodus 3000!

Exodus 3000 is an online adventure game taking place one thousand years in the future. Earth has become uninhabitable and the surviving humans are fleeing to Mars. You are one of those humans, and you must defend your new homestead on Mars at all costs, while mining the volcanos for riches and laying claim to settlements to gain influence over other settlers.

Please visit the Exodus 3000 Wiki for up-to-date rules and information

Moves: You are given 250 moves per day. Moves are reset at 12am EST daily. You can purchase more moves for $0.01 each here. Purchased moves can be used at any time!

Funds: You begin the game with 250 Mars Dollars (MD). You can use funds to purchase upgrades, or save them up for a payout at the end of the month.

Attacking: To successfully attack someone else's Homestead, your Weapon level must be greater than your opponent's Defense level. If your Weapon level is equal to your opponent's Defense level, the victor will be chosen at random. Scouting a Homestead before attacking will give you an idea of whether or not you will succeed. If you succeed, you will win some of your opponent's Mars Dollars. If you fail, your opponent will win some of your Mars Dollars.

Defending: When another player lands on your base, they can attack you. If your Defense level is greater than your opponent's Weapon level, their attack will fail. Equivalent levels will result in a random victor.

Intelligence: Your Intelligence level (or number of scouts) will determine whether or not you can successfully scout another Homestead or settlement. If you fail to scout a Homestead, you may drop some Mars Dollars behind.

Security: Your Security level is your way of defending yourself from other player's scouts. A high Security level will prevail over a low Intelligence level, and vice versa.

Settlements: Settlements are similar to Homesteads. They are scattered throughout the game and can be claimed by any player. The more settlements you govern, the better your chances of finding prizes and Mars Dollars.

Joining Settlements: If you are unable (or don't want to) attack a settlement, you can join it for free. Joining a settlement will give you a slight boost in the ability to mine volcanos and search ruins. The population of a settlement shows how many people have joined. The governor of a settlement has no control over who joins, cannot remove players, and does not gain anything from having a large population.

Volcanos: Volcanos on Mars contain many precious metals. By mining volcanos you can obtain Mars Dollars, upgrades, and prizes.

Ruins: Ruins are settlements that were left ungoverned decades ago. Sometimes you will find Mars Dollars if you search them. It is rumored that some ruins even contain upgrades and other prizes.

Alliances: You can create or join alliances to increase your influence over other players. The more players in your alliance, the more influence you will have. There is no limit to the number of players you can have in your alliance.

Cheating: Players caught cheating will be banned from this web site and will not recieve any payouts. Ways of cheating include creating multiple accounts, using third-party programs to play or map the game, or posting personal information or Homestead locations of other players. Cheaters will be posted in a separate forum for public ridicule. If you attempt to cheat, you WILL be caught.

Abuse: Please do not use profanity or abuse other players in the forums or in the in-game messaging system. If you are caught doing this you may be banned permantly at the discretion of the administrator.

If you have questions about any topics not covered above, we invite you to post a message on the forum or send an email to

Have fun!

Exodus 3000 web site and game engine developed by Viking Web Development, Inc.

Exodus 3000 is an online strategy role-playing game where you can have fun while earning real cash and prizes! You don't need to install any extra software...just sign up and begin playing! Once in the game, you will earn Mars Dollars (MD) for performing actions, such as mining volcanos, searching ruins, and attacking other players. At the end of the month, you can exchange your MD for real cash!

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