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4/20/2021 10:23pm

Exodus 3000 Competitions

Welcome to Exodus 3000 competitions! Each competition takes place on a separate map from the game against six other players. Any MD you earn will go toward your competition total, and cannot be used in the main game. To join a competition, look below for any that are currently open. If you don't see any, you can start your own. Use the forums or the chat room to recruit competitors. When six players have signed up for a competition, an email will be sent out to you and it will begin immediately. When the competition is over, the top three players will earn prize money! You have a 50% chance of getting your costs back, and a 1 in 3 chance of winning much more!

Competition rules:

  1. Create or join a competition below. When the sixth person signs up, all players for that competition will recieve an email notification that the competition has begun.
  2. You must use your moves within the period allowed. For example, in a level B competition, you will have 24 hours to use 2000 moves. There is no need for you to be available when the competition begins. You simply need to use your moves before the time expires.
  3. The goal is to collect as many MD as you can with the moves you are given. You can search volcanos and ruins, and you can claim settlements to increase the amounts of MD you recieve, just like in the regular game.
  4. Nothing you do in the competition will affect your regular game account, nor will anything you do in the game affect the competitions.
  5. You may join a competition as many times as you would like, but each player is only allow to win one prize per competition.

Open competitions:
Level Started by Moves Duration Open slots Players  
C Anthraxus 2500 36 hours 2 Anthraxus, Lurrch, sebzanga Join!
A 1000 12 hours 0 catalin79, kiminto, pichlerne, sebzanga, superthing50 Full
A 1000 12 hours 0 Apophis59, jarael, sebzanga, tacovendor Full
A 1000 12 hours 4 Apophis59, sebzanga Join!
A sebzanga 1000 12 hours 4 sanumar0, sebzanga Join!
A kiminto 1000 12 hours 4 kiminto, willy2004198 Join!
A srjw 1000 12 hours 5 srjw Join!
A srjw 1000 12 hours 5 srjw Join!
A srjw 1000 12 hours 5 srjw Join!
A srjw 1000 12 hours 4 catalin79, srjw Join!
A taquania12 1000 12 hours 4 Levyatan, taquania12 Join!
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours 4 cicero, tacovendor Join!
A Leon5 1000 12 hours 5 Leon5 Join!
A Tr345ure 1000 12 hours 5 Tr345ure Join!
A Tr345ure 1000 12 hours 5 Tr345ure Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!
1000 12 hours 6 Join!

Create a competition:
Level Cost Moves Duration Prizes  
A $1.00 1000 12 hours $2, $1.50, $1 Begin
B $10.00 2000 24 hours $20, $15, $10 Begin
C $25.00 2500 36 hours $50, $37.50, $25 Begin
D $50.00 3500 48 hours $100, $75, $50 Begin

Completed competitions:
Level Started by Moves Duration Players
A 1000 12 hours pichlerne, sebzanga, thisispingas
sebzanga1096 MD$2.00
sebzanga1096 MD$1.50
sebzanga1096 MD$1.00
sebzanga1096 MD 
pichlerne0 MD 
thisispingas0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Apophis59, Oxygen, Rolldeep2007, streetpoet
Apophis590 MD$2.00
Apophis590 MD$1.50
Oxygen0 MD$1.00
Oxygen0 MD 
Rolldeep20070 MD 
streetpoet0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours jkyeb, n00b1two, pichlerne, simon_661, vinodluk
vinodluk2999 MD$2.00
vinodluk2999 MD$1.50
pichlerne0 MD$1.00
jkyeb0 MD 
n00b1two0 MD 
simon_6610 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Apophis59, arctickitty, pichlerne
Apophis591997 MD$2.00
Apophis591997 MD$1.50
Apophis591997 MD$1.00
Apophis591997 MD 
pichlerne0 MD 
arctickitty0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours andreyka666, CarsonNg, jtokarsbr, nightflyer, prudhvi9
prudhvi92459 MD$2.00
prudhvi92459 MD$1.50
andreyka6660 MD$1.00
jtokarsbr0 MD 
CarsonNg0 MD 
nightflyer0 MD 
B marcellatho 2000 24 hours Anthraxus, marcellatho, nunox77, QueenSheba
QueenSheba5180 MD$20.00
QueenSheba5180 MD$15.00
QueenSheba5180 MD$10.00
marcellatho0 MD 
Anthraxus0 MD 
nunox770 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours tacovendor
tacovendor6 MD$2.00
tacovendor6 MD$1.50
tacovendor6 MD$1.00
tacovendor6 MD 
tacovendor6 MD 
tacovendor6 MD 
A 1000 12 hours marcellatho, tacovendor, ZeRo_CooL
tacovendor2392 MD$2.00
tacovendor2392 MD$1.50
tacovendor2392 MD$1.00
tacovendor2392 MD 
ZeRo_CooL0 MD 
marcellatho0 MD 
A CarsonNg 1000 12 hours CarsonNg, shakare6128, uni5680, ZeRo_CooL
CarsonNg0 MD$2.00
uni56800 MD$1.50
ZeRo_CooL0 MD$1.00
shakare61280 MD 
shakare61280 MD 
D Anthraxus 3500 48 hours Anthraxus
Anthraxus52 MD$100.00
Anthraxus52 MD$75.00
Anthraxus52 MD$50.00
Anthraxus52 MD 
Anthraxus52 MD 
Anthraxus52 MD 
A 1000 12 hours alyssia1990, jarael, onyx619, robertx
robertx2294 MD$2.00
jarael1122 MD$1.50
jarael1122 MD$1.00
onyx6190 MD 
alyssia19900 MD 
alyssia19900 MD 
A 1000 12 hours CarsonNg, jarael, onyx619, Spyderman, win07
win073011 MD$2.00
onyx6192526 MD$1.50
onyx6192526 MD$1.00
CarsonNg2490 MD 
Spyderman2302 MD 
jarael1594 MD 
A Spyderman 1000 12 hours CarsonNg, chevy98520, Pretka, robertx, Spyderman, tbhart18
robertx3070 MD$2.00
chevy985202715 MD$1.50
Spyderman2704 MD$1.00
tbhart182642 MD 
CarsonNg2468 MD 
Pretka2418 MD 
A tbhart18 1000 12 hours CarsonNg, littlefoot, Lurrch, tbhart18
tbhart182810 MD$2.00
tbhart182810 MD$1.50
tbhart182810 MD$1.00
Lurrch2723 MD 
littlefoot2380 MD 
CarsonNg2222 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bridgetj, Pretka, sTn, tbhart18, trivi
sTn2898 MD$2.00
trivi2770 MD$1.50
Pretka2656 MD$1.00
tbhart182633 MD 
bridgetj0 MD 
bridgetj0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours sTn, tbhart18, trivi
trivi2559 MD$2.00
trivi2559 MD$1.50
trivi2559 MD$1.00
trivi2559 MD 
trivi2559 MD 
trivi2559 MD 
trivi2559 MD 
trivi2559 MD 
trivi2559 MD 
sTn0 MD 
tbhart180 MD 
A marcellatho 1000 12 hours Anthraxus, hopper164, marcellatho, trivi
hopper1642627 MD$2.00
hopper1642627 MD$1.50
marcellatho0 MD$1.00
Anthraxus0 MD 
trivi0 MD 
trivi0 MD 
A marcellatho 1000 12 hours JJtho, jtokarsbr, littlefoot, Lurrch, marcellatho, Raidanlit
Lurrch2805 MD$2.00
littlefoot2538 MD$1.50
jtokarsbr2372 MD$1.00
marcellatho0 MD 
Raidanlit0 MD 
JJtho0 MD 
A jtokarsbr 1000 12 hours chevy98520, hopper164, jtokarsbr, robertx, rodney850, trivi
robertx3236 MD$2.00
rodney8502640 MD$1.50
chevy985202603 MD$1.00
jtokarsbr2586 MD 
trivi2484 MD 
hopper1640 MD 
A jtokarsbr 1000 12 hours jtokarsbr, Lurrch, rodney850, trivi
trivi2756 MD$2.00
trivi2756 MD$1.50
rodney8502751 MD$1.00
Lurrch2669 MD 
jtokarsbr2086 MD 
jtokarsbr2086 MD 
A 1000 12 hours chevy98520, cmnpgh, insadragon, Lurrch, robertx, trivi
chevy985202961 MD$2.00
Lurrch2791 MD$1.50
insadragon2738 MD$1.00
robertx2691 MD 
cmnpgh1112 MD 
trivi0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours insadragon, littlefoot, minijumbuk, robertx, Spyderman, trivi
insadragon3046 MD$2.00
Spyderman3029 MD$1.50
minijumbuk2791 MD$1.00
robertx2633 MD 
littlefoot2575 MD 
trivi0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bridgetj, insadragon, minijumbuk, robertx, trivi
insadragon2915 MD$2.00
robertx2709 MD$1.50
minijumbuk2575 MD$1.00
trivi2401 MD 
bridgetj2272 MD 
bridgetj2272 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Anthraxus, bigtombow, CarsonNg, joaqui1000, Pretka, robertx, trivi
CarsonNg2416 MD$2.00
trivi2276 MD$1.50
robertx2260 MD$1.00
Anthraxus1403 MD 
bigtombow104 MD 
Pretka0 MD 
joaqui10000 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, chevy98520, robertx, Spyderman, trivi, win07
chevy985202974 MD$2.00
trivi2871 MD$1.50
bigtombow2586 MD$1.00
robertx2439 MD 
win072429 MD 
Spyderman2376 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, CarsonNg, NCspydergurl, robertx, Spyderman, trivi
Spyderman2932 MD$2.00
robertx2603 MD$1.50
CarsonNg2518 MD$1.00
bigtombow2342 MD 
trivi0 MD 
NCspydergurl0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, bridgetj, CarsonNg, win07
bigtombow2807 MD$2.00
win072642 MD$1.50
bridgetj2412 MD$1.00
bridgetj2412 MD 
bridgetj2412 MD 
CarsonNg1759 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, chevy98520, Jenvsb, robertx, spaxy00, Spyderman
bigtombow2746 MD$2.00
chevy985202693 MD$1.50
Spyderman2673 MD$1.00
Jenvsb2648 MD 
robertx2476 MD 
spaxy000 MD 
A 1000 12 hours csgaylord, hotjluv, imi46, robertx, rocsana, rothion
rothion2755 MD$2.00
robertx2647 MD$1.50
imi462573 MD$1.00
rocsana1155 MD 
hotjluv80 MD 
csgaylord0 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours CSStriker, dogtoy, Jenvsb, robertx, tacovendor, trivi
tacovendor2855 MD$2.00
robertx2753 MD$1.50
trivi2326 MD$1.00
Jenvsb2259 MD 
CSStriker1266 MD 
dogtoy419 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours Erniolka, marcellatho, Simon101, tacovendor, trivi
trivi2925 MD$2.00
tacovendor2648 MD$1.50
Simon1012335 MD$1.00
Erniolka2084 MD 
Erniolka2084 MD 
marcellatho0 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours Jenvsb, JJtho, marcellatho, Simon101, tacovendor, trivi
JJtho3173 MD$2.00
Jenvsb2756 MD$1.50
trivi2601 MD$1.00
marcellatho2462 MD 
tacovendor2275 MD 
Simon1012260 MD 
A Anthraxus 1000 12 hours Anthraxus
Anthraxus501 MD$2.00
Anthraxus501 MD$1.50
Anthraxus501 MD$1.00
Anthraxus501 MD 
Anthraxus501 MD 
Anthraxus501 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours dogtoy, NCspydergurl, QueenSheba, Simon101, tacovendor, vinodluk
NCspydergurl3458 MD$2.00
Simon1013004 MD$1.50
dogtoy2923 MD$1.00
QueenSheba2531 MD 
vinodluk2461 MD 
tacovendor2459 MD 
A marcellatho 1000 12 hours chevy98520, marcellatho, n00b1two, QueenSheba, Spyderman
n00b1two2781 MD$2.00
n00b1two2781 MD$1.50
chevy985202516 MD$1.00
marcellatho1232 MD 
Spyderman0 MD 
QueenSheba0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours chevy98520, CSStriker, marcellatho, QueenSheba, trivi, win07
marcellatho3102 MD$2.00
chevy985202962 MD$1.50
win072828 MD$1.00
QueenSheba2595 MD 
trivi2368 MD 
CSStriker0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, chevy98520, dogtoy, n00b1two, QueenSheba, trivi
chevy985202982 MD$2.00
trivi2912 MD$1.50
n00b1two2766 MD$1.00
QueenSheba2620 MD 
bigtombow2514 MD 
dogtoy2459 MD 
A 1000 12 hours dogtoy, n00b1two, QueenSheba, Simon101, tacovendor, trivi
QueenSheba3196 MD$2.00
trivi2889 MD$1.50
dogtoy2692 MD$1.00
tacovendor2417 MD 
n00b1two2363 MD 
Simon1012255 MD 
A QueenSheba 1000 12 hours dogtoy, grinnerlynn, notfitchick, QueenSheba, robertx, tacovendor
tacovendor2899 MD$2.00
QueenSheba2858 MD$1.50
robertx2838 MD$1.00
grinnerlynn2658 MD 
notfitchick2145 MD 
dogtoy0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours n00b1two, QueenSheba, robertx, Simon101, trivi, urban.marton
Simon1013135 MD$2.00
trivi2742 MD$1.50
robertx2736 MD$1.00
QueenSheba2554 MD 
n00b1two2552 MD 
urban.marton2381 MD 
A 1000 12 hours chevy98520, robertx, tacovendor, urban.marton
robertx3628 MD$2.00
chevy985202848 MD$1.50
chevy985202848 MD$1.00
urban.marton2530 MD 
urban.marton2530 MD 
tacovendor2415 MD 
A 1000 12 hours n00b1two, QueenSheba, robertx, tacovendor, trivi, urban.marton
trivi3103 MD$2.00
QueenSheba2668 MD$1.50
robertx2583 MD$1.00
tacovendor2548 MD 
n00b1two2495 MD 
urban.marton2294 MD 
A 1000 12 hours dovetail7768, n00b1two, robertx, trivi, urban.marton
robertx2808 MD$2.00
n00b1two2691 MD$1.50
trivi2617 MD$1.00
urban.marton2196 MD 
dovetail77682088 MD 
dovetail77682088 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, jarael, tbhart18
tbhart182705 MD$2.00
tbhart182705 MD$1.50
tbhart182705 MD$1.00
tbhart182705 MD 
bigtombow2477 MD 
jarael2263 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Amarie, Anthraxus, jarael, Simon101
jarael2526 MD$2.00
Amarie2159 MD$1.50
Simon1012144 MD$1.00
Simon1012144 MD 
Anthraxus1142 MD 
Anthraxus1142 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Amarie, bigtombow, jarael, robertx, tacovendor
tacovendor2684 MD$2.00
robertx2538 MD$1.50
robertx2538 MD$1.00
Amarie2437 MD 
jarael2378 MD 
bigtombow0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours adams03605, bigtombow, jarael, minijumbuk, psytec, Simon101
bigtombow3123 MD$2.00
minijumbuk3016 MD$1.50
adams036052832 MD$1.00
jarael2517 MD 
Simon1012372 MD 
psytec2169 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bridgetj, jarael, minijumbuk, russel399, vinodluk
vinodluk3444 MD$2.00
minijumbuk2503 MD$1.50
jarael2482 MD$1.00
bridgetj106 MD 
bridgetj106 MD 
russel39957 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours CSStriker, lillypadsmom, tacovendor, vinodluk
tacovendor3214 MD$2.00
vinodluk3108 MD$1.50
vinodluk3108 MD$1.00
vinodluk3108 MD 
CSStriker2619 MD 
lillypadsmom2038 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, Blazinpyro, chevy98520, jarael, minijumbuk, win07
minijumbuk2775 MD$2.00
chevy985202770 MD$1.50
bigtombow2566 MD$1.00
win072119 MD 
jarael1988 MD 
Blazinpyro0 MD 
B chevy98520 2000 24 hours bridgetj, chevy98520, contato, nitro
nitro5414 MD$20.00
chevy985205299 MD$15.00
bridgetj2808 MD$10.00
bridgetj2808 MD 
bridgetj2808 MD 
contato0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, Endy, jarael, NCspydergurl, robertx
bigtombow2758 MD$2.00
robertx2522 MD$1.50
NCspydergurl2293 MD$1.00
jarael1705 MD 
Endy0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Blazinpyro, jarael, lvacntngf, robertx, swiftymac, taz999
Blazinpyro2626 MD$2.00
robertx2558 MD$1.50
jarael0 MD$1.00
taz9990 MD 
swiftymac0 MD 
lvacntngf0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours Blazinpyro, jarael, robertx, tacovendor, taz999
taz9992865 MD$2.00
tacovendor2699 MD$1.50
robertx2691 MD$1.00
robertx2691 MD 
Blazinpyro2117 MD 
jarael1816 MD 
A Spyderman 1000 12 hours Blazinpyro, jarael, RAMONES, robertx, Spyderman, tacovendor
robertx2686 MD$2.00
tacovendor2651 MD$1.50
jarael2396 MD$1.00
Spyderman2110 MD 
Blazinpyro1458 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, Blazinpyro, jarael, naughtyshin, RAMONES, robertx
bigtombow3133 MD$2.00
bigtombow3133 MD$1.50
robertx3013 MD$1.00
Blazinpyro2730 MD 
jarael2483 MD 
naughtyshin0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, Blazinpyro, boringca, evolution, IamKEG, jarael
bigtombow2891 MD$2.00
Blazinpyro2694 MD$1.50
jarael2080 MD$1.00
boringca0 MD 
evolution0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours dogtoy, evolution, HERMES, jarael, lukester19, vinodluk
dogtoy2861 MD$2.00
lukester192839 MD$1.50
evolution2645 MD$1.00
jarael1741 MD 
vinodluk325 MD 
A RAMONES 1000 12 hours 76simpsonbil, dogtoy, evolution, jarael, RAMONES
RAMONES2788 MD$2.00
dogtoy2715 MD$1.50
76simpsonbil2558 MD$1.00
evolution2544 MD 
evolution2544 MD 
jarael1511 MD 
A 1000 12 hours AdiLiviu, Blazinpyro, dogtoy, funschine, jarael, vinodluk
dogtoy3167 MD$2.00
AdiLiviu2269 MD$1.50
vinodluk2082 MD$1.00
jarael1986 MD 
Blazinpyro1874 MD 
funschine0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours AdiLiviu, funschine, izuan0236016, jarael, robertx, tacovendor
robertx2890 MD$2.00
AdiLiviu2787 MD$1.50
jarael2709 MD$1.00
tacovendor2382 MD 
funschine2260 MD 
izuan02360162116 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, boringca, dogtoy, Eite_haker, robertx, vinodluk
robertx2846 MD$2.00
vinodluk2743 MD$1.50
Eite_haker2718 MD$1.00
dogtoy2444 MD 
bigtombow2317 MD 
boringca0 MD 
A RAMONES 1000 12 hours AirFrosty, dogtoy, RAMONES, robertx, tacovendor, tbhart18
tacovendor2699 MD$2.00
AirFrosty2686 MD$1.50
RAMONES2625 MD$1.00
robertx2605 MD 
tbhart182422 MD 
dogtoy2383 MD 
A 1000 12 hours abhi333, dogtoy, marcellatho, tacovendor, taz999, vinodluk
vinodluk2796 MD$2.00
dogtoy2508 MD$1.50
abhi3332493 MD$1.00
tacovendor2456 MD 
taz9992363 MD 
marcellatho2317 MD 
A vinodluk 1000 12 hours abhi333, bigtombow, dogtoy, tbhart18, vinodluk
abhi3333174 MD$2.00
vinodluk2903 MD$1.50
dogtoy2721 MD$1.00
bigtombow2561 MD 
tbhart182346 MD 
tbhart182346 MD 
A minijumbuk 1000 12 hours abhi333, dogtoy, jcl9282, minijumbuk, vinodluk
vinodluk3078 MD$2.00
abhi3332869 MD$1.50
dogtoy2714 MD$1.00
jcl92822494 MD 
minijumbuk2372 MD 
minijumbuk2372 MD 
A 1000 12 hours abhi333, dogtoy, marcellatho, minijumbuk, RAMONES, tacovendor
abhi3333273 MD$2.00
minijumbuk2889 MD$1.50
tacovendor2789 MD$1.00
tacovendor2789 MD 
dogtoy2566 MD 
marcellatho2318 MD 
A bavin 1000 12 hours abhi333, bavin, bigtombow, contato, HERMES, marcellatho
bigtombow2495 MD$2.00
HERMES2472 MD$1.50
marcellatho2450 MD$1.00
abhi3332312 MD 
bavin2176 MD 
contato1987 MD 
A vinodluk 1000 12 hours abhi333, marcellatho, tbhart18, vinodluk
vinodluk2736 MD$2.00
abhi3332660 MD$1.50
tbhart182448 MD$1.00
tbhart182448 MD 
tbhart182448 MD 
marcellatho2218 MD 
A tbhart18 1000 12 hours dogtoy, HERMES, marcellatho, tacovendor, tbhart18, vinodluk
marcellatho2974 MD$2.00
tacovendor2896 MD$1.50
vinodluk2502 MD$1.00
dogtoy2469 MD 
tbhart1826 MD 
A 1000 12 hours abhi333, darkduck, dogtoy, tazomatic, tbhart18
tazomatic2993 MD$2.00
abhi3332817 MD$1.50
dogtoy2616 MD$1.00
tbhart182543 MD 
darkduck2134 MD 
darkduck2134 MD 
A 1000 12 hours abhi333, bigtombow, dogtoy, tbhart18
abhi3333024 MD$2.00
dogtoy2915 MD$1.50
bigtombow2234 MD$1.00
tbhart181612 MD 
tbhart181612 MD 
tbhart181612 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, killer27au, minijumbuk, RAMONES, shakare6128, vinodluk
minijumbuk2924 MD$2.00
bigtombow2609 MD$1.50
vinodluk2459 MD$1.00
killer27au1289 MD 
shakare61280 MD 
A 1000 12 hours angels699, dogtoy, free2bme, minijumbuk, sspc, vinodluk
vinodluk3402 MD$2.00
free2bme2704 MD$1.50
dogtoy2548 MD$1.00
minijumbuk2366 MD 
angels699995 MD 
sspc719 MD 
A 1000 12 hours bigtombow, HERMES, shakare6128, taz999, vinodluk
taz9992812 MD$2.00
HERMES2749 MD$1.50
vinodluk2710 MD$1.00
vinodluk2710 MD 
bigtombow2401 MD 
shakare61281103 MD 
A minijumbuk 1000 12 hours aztek, dovetail7768, HERMES, minijumbuk, rsjudge, tacovendor
tacovendor2756 MD$2.00
HERMES2696 MD$1.50
minijumbuk2630 MD$1.00
rsjudge2611 MD 
dovetail77682182 MD 
aztek1869 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours cmnpgh, funschine, Jenvsb, lvacntngf, rsjudge, tacovendor
rsjudge2708 MD$2.00
tacovendor2704 MD$1.50
cmnpgh2598 MD$1.00
lvacntngf1957 MD 
funschine1471 MD 
Jenvsb152 MD 
A tacovendor 1000 12 hours bavin, estaban2501, pokerpuller, tacovendor, tasagres, win07
win072945 MD$2.00
pokerpuller2934 MD$1.50
tacovendor2579 MD$1.00
bavin2557 MD 
estaban25012511 MD 
tasagres606 MD 
A 1000 12 hours anirban3598, bigtombow, Jenvsb, tasagres, win07, zipzap
Jenvsb2931 MD$2.00
zipzap2808 MD$1.50
bigtombow2414 MD$1.00
anirban35982161 MD 
win072153 MD 
tasagres1975 MD 
B joyster 2000 24 hours abhi333, adams03605, cmnpgh, joyster, shakare6128
adams036055057 MD$20.00
shakare61284820 MD$15.00
abhi3334707 MD$10.00
abhi3334707 MD 
joyster4594 MD 
cmnpgh27 MD 
A 1000 12 hours anirban3598, Kylye, Mumsgotit, RAMONES, steella, wiseguyro
Kylye2918 MD$2.00
Mumsgotit2862 MD$1.50
RAMONES2557 MD$1.00
wiseguyro2412 MD 
anirban35982354 MD 
steella1861 MD 
D 3500 48 hours anotherterro, cmnpgh, robertx, tacovendor, titojuante
robertx10710 MD$100.00
robertx10710 MD$75.00
tacovendor10486 MD$50.00
anotherterro9942 MD 
titojuante9245 MD 
cmnpgh0 MD 
C 2500 36 hours Admin, bigweb, DemoAccount, foo, jjac, Mars_Federation
bigweb4750 MD$50.00
DemoAccount0 MD$37.50
Mars_Federation0 MD$25.00
foo0 MD 
Admin0 MD 
jjac0 MD 
A 1000 12 hours adams03605, CSStriker, hamblet, MTMIDE01, Mumsgotit, nadinetannou
adams036052699 MD$2.00
MTMIDE012517 MD$1.50
hamblet2213 MD$1.00
CSStriker1713 MD 
nadinetannou569 MD 
Mumsgotit379 MD 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the competitions take place in the same area as the regular game?
No, when you create a competition, a completely separate map is generated and you are given a homestead on this map. Nothing you do in the competition affects your regular game account, and vice versa

Do subscribers get an advantage?
No, everyone starts the competition on equal footing. No advantages are given to any player under any circumstances.

I created/joined a competition, but it's not showing up in the list above!
Don't worry, this happens sometimes. An administrator has been notified automatically and you will be sent a link that you can click on to fix it.

How can I see how I'm doing in my competition? Can I view the results of other competitions?
Keep an eye on this page. In the next few days many new features will be added allowing you to view competition statistics.

Exodus 3000 web site and game engine developed by Viking Web Development, Inc.

Exodus 3000 is an online strategy role-playing game where you can have fun while earning real cash and prizes! You don't need to install any extra software...just sign up and begin playing! Once in the game, you will earn Mars Dollars (MD) for performing actions, such as mining volcanos, searching ruins, and attacking other players. At the end of the month, you can exchange your MD for real cash!

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